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Iclif’s CG Programmes

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Iclif’s Corporate Governance Programmes aims to hone directors’ skills so that they are better equipped to fulfil their fiduciary duties, and carry out their roles and responsibilities. The programmes focus on the areas of risk management, strategy, succession planning, talent management, financial reporting and stakeholder management.


  • Financial Institutions Directors’ Education (FIDE): The FIDE Core Programme is mandated for directors of banks and insurance companies in Malaysia. FIDE also offer a host of Elective programmes for directors and C-Suites of financial institutions.
  • Mandatory Accreditation Programme (MAP): MAP is a mandated programme for directors who are appointed to the boards of public listed companies in Malaysia.
  • Shariah Leaders Education (SLE): The SLE programme is mandated for shariah advisory committee members of Islamic financial institutions.
  • Custom-built programmes: Aside from the above, Iclif also offers custom-built programmes for Bursa Malaysia and other companies.